Plaudits for teachers and pupils at Ballyclare High awards evening

Students, staff and parents joined together for the annual prize giving ceremony at Ballyclare High School, alongside guest of honour, Dr Joe Sloan.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 1:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 1:54 pm
Ballyclare High GCSE pupils who achieved A stars and A grades in all their subjects. Pic by Freddie Parkinson.

Principal, Dr Michelle Rainey paid tribute to the pupils and teaching staff during her address.

Dr Rainey said: “For each individual, success is different. For each, reward and satisfaction and confidence, comes from being the best they can be. Many do great things in the face of adversity and difficulties so let’s remember as we sample some of those successes, that behind every photo, and story, and trophy, is a huge investment by pupils, and also by their teachers.”

Dr Rainey continued: “I am privileged, and regularly humbled, to work alongside and have the example of, such a talented and dedicated staff who go far beyond their job description, every day, including evenings and weekends, to empower their charges to be the best they can be.

Alex Corr (Public Speaking), James Blakely (Tesco Shield of Merit) and Max Gannon (Maths Prize). Pic by Freddie Parkinson.

“We have a support staff second to none. A community of governors, parents and friends, who are committed to similar ambitions for our young people, are priceless contributors too.

“All of us are part of Ballyclare High, all integral links and cogs that drive success. We’re about developing the whole child, we are about lifelong learning, we are about tolerance and we are about respect.

“My gratitude and respect extends to all as we unite in a common purpose - we are preparing our pupils for their examinations but just as importantly, we are developing them for the world of work, and life, as fine and upstanding members of our community and society.”

Dr Rainey added: “It is difficult to do justice to the huge amount of excellent work going on in school on a night like this. It’s also difficult to do justice to recognition for all associations and organisations that are part of Ballyclare High.

Erin McWilliam, Nicky Jordan and Zoe Black. They received the top GCSE results at Ballyclare High. Pic by Freddie Parkinson.

“Our mission is Lifelong Learning in a Caring Creative Community. That mission statement is the foundation of the values and behaviours we commit to and hold each other accountable for.

“The very moment a successful team thinks they’ve made it and no further effort is required to sustain what we all enjoy, marks the moment of its demise.”

Imogen Forbes was the top performing A level student at Ballyclare High. Pic by Freddie Parkinson.
Leah Baird and Emily Skillen with the Johnston Trophy as top pupils in GCSE PE. Pic by Freddie Parkinson.
Public Speaking winner Aimee Jenkins with Rachel McCartney winner of the Courage Award. Pic by Freddie Parkinson.