Plea for bonfire sites to be kept ‘clean and tidy’

Community worker Phil Hamilton at the bonfire site in Foyle Hill, Rathcoole. INNT 15-022-FP
Community worker Phil Hamilton at the bonfire site in Foyle Hill, Rathcoole. INNT 15-022-FP

Community workers in Rathcoole and New Mossley have appealed to people not to dump household rubbish at bonfire sites in the estates.

Tyres, pallets and other materials are already being stockpiled at several sites around the borough in preparation for July 11 bonfires.

And while the annual debate continues about the rights and wrongs of the traditional Eleventh Night celebrations and issues such as the early collection of materials and the illegal burning of tyres, local community representatives Phil Hamilton and Jack Shaw have urged people not to use the sites as dumping grounds for their rubbish.

Mr Hamilton, who represents Rathcoole Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership, said that there have been several incidents of people fly-tipping waste at the bonfire sites in Foyle Hill and The Diamond over the past few weeks.

He said that it is important that bonfire sites are “well managed” and are “kept as clean and tidy as possible.”

“I’m asking people to respect the residents who live near these bonfire sites. It’s not only the bonfire collectors who are responsible for doing that, but local residents and others also have a responsibility too. Bonfire sites should not be used by people to dump their garbage,” he told the Times.

Mr Hamilton, who claimed that bonfire builders are having to start collecting earlier each year due to difficulties getting enough materials such as wooden pallets, said he is willing to mediate in areas where residents have concerns about a particular bonfire site.

Mr Shaw, a PUP election candidate for the Threemilewater DEA, said that bags of household waste were dumped near the New Mossley bonfire last week.

He said that the rubbish was piled up on the green at Milewater Drive and was later set on fire.

Mr Shaw, who received several complaints from local residents about the mess, appealed to people not to use the bonfire site for fly-tipping their waste.

“Our estate is not a dumping ground and people need to realise that and stop doing this. There is no excuse for this sort of thing,” he commented.

Anyone with concerns about illegal dumping should contact the council’s Environmental Services department on 028 9034 0160.