Plea for people to back disaster relief effort

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A Ballyclare woman who works as a fundraiser for Oxfam Ireland has urged local people to support the charity’s aid effort in the Philippines.

Oxfam has made an urgent appeal for funds to help those affected by one of the worst natural disasters to hit the south-east Asian archipelago in years.

More than 10,000 people are thought to have been killed and many more have been left homeless and without basics such as food and water after typhoon Haiyan caused widespread destruction across the country on Friday, November 8.

Kathy Morrow, the charity’s fundraising manager, said: “This is one of the worst natural disasters to hit the region in years and it is a race against time to get help to the communities that have been overwhelmed by tragedy on a massive scale.”

The most urgent needs are for food, water and shelter. Communities also need power and communications restored and roads cleared so that aid can get through.

Oxfam’s rapid assessment teams have been deployed to several of the worst affected regions to provide emergency supplies of water, sanitation and shelter.

Kathy continued: “Our main concern is getting relief to the worst affected areas where many of the poorest people have been hit the hardest. The real extent of this horrific disaster is still not known. We urgently need your help to bring life-saving emergency aid to those worst affected by Haiyan.”

People are being urged to give what they can by donating online at, by calling 0800 030 40 55 or at their local Oxfam shop.