Joan Stevens says she won't be forced out of her home by burglars.
Joan Stevens says she won't be forced out of her home by burglars.

A RATHCOOLE pensioner who had thousands of pounds in cash and jewellery stolen from her home while she was at church on Sunday night (October 16) says she pities those who carried out the burglary.

Joan Stevens returned home from the evening service at Rathcoole Baptist Church to find heartless thieves had broken into her Armoy Gardens home and made off with money she had been saving to buy heating oil, and also stolen precious items of jewellery that had been given to her by her late husband, Denis.

It is understood Joan was one of two elderly Rathcoole residents whose homes were targeted by burglars while they attended church on Sunday night.

The 77-year-old former bakery worker recalled how she had been sitting in the car with a friend who was leaving her home from church when she noticed that the front door of her house was lying open.

“I walked over and pushed the door and looked into the sitting room and it was fine, and looked in the dining room and didn’t notice anything wrong. Then I looked into the kitchen and I could see that all the drawers had been pulled out. I was frightened to go upstairs, but I did and it was terrible, the place was a mess. The drawers were all pulled out and there were bits and pieces lying all over the floor. All my jewellery was gone,” she told the Times.

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