Police issue drugs warning after cannabis seizure

Cannabis seized by police in Newtownabbey. INNT 36-802CON
Cannabis seized by police in Newtownabbey. INNT 36-802CON

Police have warned against possessing controlled drugs after cannabis was seized in Newtownabbey overnight.

The warning was issued in a post on the PSNI Newtownabbey Facebook page explaining how, during the night, Local Policing Team Officers stopped a suspicious vehicle and conducted a search under The Misuse of Drugs Act. During this search, a small amount of cannabis was located. It is now being destroyed.

Commenting below details of the incident, Sgt O’Neill said: “These Cannabis posts generally receive comments along the lines of, ‘It’s less dangerous than alcohol,’ and ‘Sure it’s only a bit of weed, wise up.’ Whilst everyone is entitled to their own views the fact remains that it is illegal to possess within Northern Ireland.

“Here’s a few reasons, off the top of my head, why I think it’s not a great idea to possess and use controlled drugs –

1) It’s illegal.

2) A conviction in relation to the misuse of drugs may have a negative effect on employment opportunities (particularly within medical, education, law enforcement or jobs were you would be working with children or vulnerable people).

3) You may find it difficult to obtain a visa to visit certain countries like America for example.

4) Some insurance policies including health cover, holiday, vehicle and life insurance policies can be invalidated by convictions in relation to the misuse of drugs.

5) A conviction for possession can result in up to five years imprisonment.

6) A conviction in relation to supply can result in up to 14 years imprisonment.

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