Police issue road safety reminder to local parents

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Newtownabbey Police have issued a reminder to parents/guardians doing the ‘school run’ about road safety in the vicinity of schools.

“Now that the school term has well truly got under way, it’s worth issuing a timely reminder about road safety in and around schools. Parking is usually at a premium around school premises and this can prove problematic, but with some consideration and guidance many of these problems can be avoided,” a police spokesperson said.

Parents dropping off / picking up children at school times should park appropriately:

• do not park on the school zig zag lines (these are advisory only)

• do not cause an obstruction by double parking

• do not park within 15m of a junction causing sight lines to be reduced for other motorists

• do not park on the footway leaving pedestrians to negotiate live traffic

• ensure that local residents are not obstructed from exiting their homes

• do not park on roundabouts

• do not park in designated bus spaces

“All motorists should be mindful when passing schools to drive slowly until clear of the area and be particularly aware of young cyclists and pedestrians,” the spokesperson continued.

“All motorists should drive carefully when passing a stationary bus carrying school children or showing ‘School Bus’ markings or signs, as children may be getting on or off.

“Motorists and pedestrians alike must obey signs used by school crossing patrols. They are there for the safety of all road users.”