Police making progress in fight against crime

Chief Inspector Stephen Reid.
Chief Inspector Stephen Reid.

THERE has been a significant drop in the number of burglaries across the borough, according to the PSNI’s latest figures.

Statistics for April - September 2012 reveal that there were almost 100 fewer reports of break-ins than during the same period last year - a reduction of 40 per cent.

The figures also reveal a drop in the number of thefts and a 32 per cent decrease in recorded incidents of criminal damage compared to April - September 2011.

Welcoming the figures, Newtownabbey Area Commander, Chief Inspector Stephen Reid said: “We are now some six months into the present reporting period (April - September 2012) and I am delighted to report that crime continues to fall in the Newtownabbey area: Violence against the person - 42 less victims, Robbery - one less incident with an increase in detections by 28 per cent, Thefts - 72 less victims, Burglary - 97 less victims (40 per cent reduction), Criminal Damage 165 less incidents - a reduction of 32 per cent.”

Describing the drop in crime as “excellent news”, Chief Inspector Reid thanked the local community for backing his officers’ work.

“These successes are not just ours, they are yours as well. Please continue to support your local officers; if you see anything suspicious report it and help us protect your community,” he added.

Despite the welcome drop in the number of burglaries, police are reminding householders that many break-ins still occur at properties where doors or windows have been left unlocked or open.

“A large proportion of all burglaries occur at unsecured premises through unlocked doors or windows. If your doors and windows aren’t secure, neither is your house,” a PSNI spokesperson warned.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed that the last officers moved from Glengormley Station to their new base at Newtownabbey Station, Shore Road on Monday, October 1.

The Antrim Road barracks, which closed to members of the public on June 4, is one of a number of facilities being shut down and disposed of as part of a PSNI review aimed at slashing millions of pounds off its estate costs.