Police respond to anti-social teens across Newtownabbey

Police had to deal with crowds of anti-social teenagers during a number of incidents on November 17.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 9:44 am
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 10:01 am

Detailing Saturday’s incidents, a PSNI spokesperson said: “At one point, there were nearly 40 kids in Loughshore Park causing annoyance to local residents and road users.

“Burnside, Glengormley centre and Glengormley Park were also beset with young people causing issues.

“I took a 16-year-old to Antrim custody where they’ll receive a charge sheet for youth court in the morning for disorderly behaviour.

“This cub thought they’d act tough in front of their mates and use foul and abusive language to our officers.

“This same child was so under the influence of alcohol that my police vehicle is off the road to have the vomit cleaned from it. That’s one less police car to respond to calls for help.”

Appealing to parents, the spokesperson added: “Parents, I know you don’t have an easy job.

“You need to be sure that you know where your children are and what they’re at.

“How they behave is a reflection on you, and from talking to many of you, this is not how any of you raised them to behave.

“We’re not trying to preach or judge, but tonight I am one frustrated and tired constable. So many of these kids are, once they calm down and sober up, nice, funny and bright kids, but right now they’re throwing their futures away.

“A charge sheet or a criminal record is not now, nor should it ever be, a badge of honour.”