Police take no action after flag comments row

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POLICE have confirmed that no action will be taken against DUP councillor Robert Hill over statements he made during the Union flag protests in December 2012.

Alliance councillor Tom Campbell, who branded loyalist flag protesters at Belfast City Hall “a rabble”, had alleged that comments made by councillor Hill when calling for him to apologise for his remarks had “urged hatred” for the Alliance Party and its members.

However, this week the police confirmed that after consideration of the matter, no action will be taken against councillor Hill.

“Police have examined both statements and have found neither contain any material constituting a criminal offence.

“The statements were considered in relation to a number of pieces of legislation including Part III of the Public Order (NI) Order 1987, the Communications Act and the Serious Crime Act,” a spokesperson said.

Councillor Hill described the PSNI’s decision to take no further action as “not much of a surprise”.