South Antrim UUP candidate hits out at ‘fabrications’

Ald Danny Kinahan.
Ald Danny Kinahan.

South Antrim UUP Westminster candidate, Danny Kinahan has dismissed as “fabrications” claims he will move from Northern Ireland if elected to the House of Commons next week.

In a statement, Mr Kinahan accused some rival campaigners of employing unacceptable tactics.

He said: “I’ve been advised by constituents while speaking to them on the doors that certain canvassers are telling people I intend to move away from Northern Ireland permanently if I am elected.

“Let me clarify now that I was born, have grown up in and love South Antrim - I will not be leaving this wonderful place.

“It is sad that such fabrications are seen as an acceptable tactic by some political activists - this is against everything I believe in and I can only say that if individuals need to resort to such lows then they must have little confidence in their own party.”