Ukip man defends ‘racist’ Facebook post

Robert Hill.
Robert Hill.

A Newtownabbey Ukip representative has defended a post he made on social media this week regarding “unvaccinated immigrants” coming to the United Kingdom.

The post made on Wednesday (August 21) on the Ukip Antrim and Newtownabbey Facebook page said: “Anyone consider that the rise in measles cases could be down to unvaccinated and disease carrying immigrants?? Or is it racist to suggest that??”

Speaking to the Newtownabbey Times on the issue, UK Independence Party Northern Ireland spokesman, Robert Hill confirmed he published the comment.

The former DUP representative said: “I’m not saying this is the main reason that there has been a rise in measles cases, but it certainly is a contributing factor.

“We have lots of people coming into the country unchecked- are you saying none of them will be infected with illnesses such as measles?

“It doesn’t matter what we say, as Ukip representatives we are always accused of being racist.

“We aren’t afraid to talk about issues like this and we will continue to take a stand.

“Following Brexit, if there were tighter checks on the border, it might reduce the number of people coming into Northern Ireland unchecked.”

Commenting on Mr Hill’s Facebook post, Glengormley Alliance representative, Ald Julian McGrath said: “Ukip stood two candidates in the borough in May’s council election and the electorate spoke and they were not elected.

“Their views are not the views of the majority of residents in Antrim and Newtownabbey.”