Protest over new A8 road

HUNDREDS of demonstrators led a protest at Corr's Corner Hotel, against the proposed new multi-million pound A8 dual carriageway.

The publication of the draft statutory orders and environmental statement for the carriageway went on display in the hotel last week, with consultants, Arup, on hand to answer questions.

The 113 million scheme will involve dualling almost nine miles of road between Coleman's Corner to the Ballyrickard section of the route, including the construction of a major new bypass around Ballynure.

Residents affected by the proposed bypass told the Times the project was a 'political vanity scheme' which will waste money and save little time when it is completed.

Jimmy Mills is facing losing a number of acres of land under the proposal.

He said: "We are not against this road at all, I would still lose land under my preferred option of developing the carriageway online by widening the existing road.

"That would make more sense, save money and improve the road.

"Years ago that was the plan and they vested buildings in Ballynure in order to build online.

"But they won't consider that as an option - so it is just more money wasted."