PSNI reminder after Glengormley dangerous cycling incident


Cyclists are reminded to remain visible on the road after police highlighted concerns over an early morning incident.

A spokesperson for PSNI Newtownabbey said that whilst driving at Antrim Road, Glengormley, at 6.30 am, he witnessed a cyclist on the road without any lights whilst it was dark and wet.

He also noted that the cyclist was not wearing a helmet.

The PSNI spokesperson said: “What this cyclist did was just plain dangerous. You should always be wearing a helmet - studies show that a helmet can reduce the risk of serious head injury by up to 70 per cent, and risk of fatal head injury by 65 per cent.

“The Highway Code states that you must have approved front and rear lights between sunset and sunrise, not just during the hours of darkness.

“It is also highly recommended to wear a high visibility jacket.

“All in all, you must be visible on the road. Don’t risk your, or someone else’s, life for something as small as lights or a helmet.”