Rathcoole residents kick up a stink over state of alleyway

Harry Taylor pictured at the alleyway between Carmeen Drive and Derrycoole Way. INNT 23-500CON
Harry Taylor pictured at the alleyway between Carmeen Drive and Derrycoole Way. INNT 23-500CON

Antrim and Newtownabbey Council has assured Rathcoole residents that a litter-strewn alleyway in the estate will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Harry Taylor, a resident of Carnreagh Bend, contacted the Times last week about the state of the alley between Carmeen Drive and Derrycoole Way.

Following complaints from local householders, the laneway was cleaned by council workers last week. But Mr Taylor claims that was the first time it was cleaned “in over a year.”

“There were bags of dog poo, dirty nappies, broken bottles, bags of rubbish, all sorts lying in it. It was disgusting,” the 78-year-old ex-serviceman commented. “They’ve given it a bit of a clean, but it’s still covered in weeds and nettles and dog mess. The place is a health hazard.

“This is a main thoroughfare for children going up to the nursery and primary school, it should be cleaned on a regular basis.”

Another local resident who lives near the alley said: “Too many people are misusing it. Yahoos are congregating in it and drinking and taking drugs, making noise and dumping their rubbish in it.”

The man, who didn’t want to be named, added: “We do what we can to keep the place clean around here, but why should we have to clean up other people’s mess? If they (the council) want to keep it open then they should maintain it properly, otherwise they should close it.”

A council spokesperson confirmed that the alleyway was cleaned last week and gave an assurance that “it will continue to be cleaned on an ongoing basis.”

Meanwhile, Apex Housing Association has confirmed that it has taken steps to clean up an area of land at the corner of Glenbane Avenue and Old Irish Highway in Rathcoole.

The move comes following complaints from local residents and TUV Councillor David Hollis about fly-tipping and illegal dumping at the site, which has been earmarked for new social housing.

Speaking to the Times on Friday, June 3, a spokesperson for Apex said: “Apex can confirm that the site will be cleared by lunchtime today and has now been fenced to prevent further dumping.”