Reminder for East Antrim parents

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NI Water has issued a reminder over the dangers of playing at or near sites like treatment works, reservoirs and construction sites.

Michael Bergin, health and safety manager at NI Water, said: “Understandably, natural curiosity will draw children and young people to many of our sites. However, they are not playgrounds, and fooling around at or near them can have consequences.

“I would urge all parents to explain to their children the dangers of playing in or around these areas. The remoteness of many of our sites could hamper and delay rescue attempts, should such a need arise.

NI Water has some simple steps on how to stay safe:

Don’t climb on barriers and fences: they are there to protect you from serious injury and accidents when NI Water construction work is underway.

Stay away from trenches and open manholes - They are dirty, deep and dangerous.

Keep clear of equipment - You may see diggers, lorries, pipes and other equipment, but don’t be tempted - steer clear and don’t touch.

Obey ‘danger’ signs - reservoirs and treatment works can be highly dangerous places, so stay away and always obey the signs.”