Report highlights overspending on community centres

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Refurbishment works at Ballyduff and Monkstown community centres went more than £20,000 over budget, the council has revealed.

Members of the local authority’s Development Committee met on Tuesday, January 14 to discuss the matter.

A report presented at the meeting reveals that in August 2011, a sum of just over £492,000 (excluding VAT) was approved for the refurbishment of the two community centres - £242,501 for Ballyduff and £249,639 for Monkstown.

In January 2012, the council agreed further funding to allow additional thermal insulation to be installed at both centres. This increased the budget by £10,000 at the Ballyduff site and by £15,000 at Monkstown, bringing the total to £517,141.

Each of the figures included a contingency sum to be spent in the event of additional works being required once the project started on site.

The report reveals that since completion of the refurbishment work in 2012, discussions have been taking place to agree the final costs for each centre. It states that the Ballyduff refurbishment came in more than £17,000 over budget at £269,990, while the Monkstown scheme saw an overspend of more than £5,000, taking it to £270,056.

Members were informed that the overspends had occurred, despite the inclusion of a contingency sum for each scheme.

The report outlines a variety of reasons for the overspend at each site, including additional work being required to the timber structure and roof of the Ballyduff building, and the need to install security fencing at the site.

Additional works at the Monkstown centre included provision of an external guard rail adjacent to the car park and provision of a bin store.

Members approved final cost figures of £269,990.74 and £270,056.19 for the refurbishments.