Residents disgusted after dog waste left outside primary school

Owners are being urged to put dog mess in the dog waste bins. INNT 49-818CON
Owners are being urged to put dog mess in the dog waste bins. INNT 49-818CON

Members of the community have hit out after dog mess was left outside a local primary school.

The Times understands that the issue has been ongoing in Ballynure for some time, with dog foul not being picked up by owners on a number of pavements in the village.

Highlighting the issue in a post on the Ballynure Village Facebook page, a spokesperson for the group said: “Unbelievable......a person (or persons) is repeatedly allowing their dog(s) to foul on the pavement right outside the primary school. We’ve received two complaints in the past week of poor children being unfortunate enough to stand in it. This is disgusting - it’s against the law, so pick up after your dog.”

The spokesperson added: “Ballynure is a member of Dog Watch. If you witness dog fouling you can report it (anonymously if you like), or if you need a mess cleaned up, please ring the Dog Watch number 02890340160.

“There have been repeated posts here about this problem. You can place bagged dog mess in any of the council owned bins in the village (please not at the Co-Op!).”

A number of people have taken to social media to voice their concerns about the recent incidents.

Commenting on Facebook, one resident said: “Yeah we repeatedly find dog poo in our front garden which we’ve stepped in by accident! There are only a few dogs in our place. The offender is lucky they’ve not been spied!”

A concerned parent added: “I have come across this twice recently. Once it was all over the wheels of my pram and the second time it was on my shoes which I didn’t notice until I had walked through the house and I have a baby crawling round the floor.”

A dog owner also criticised the actions of other people who have a dog as a pet. They said: “It is absolutely incredible how some ignorant folk just ignore and selfishly leave what their dogs do on walks around the area. As a dog owner and walker myself I am disgusted by it. Fellow dog owners - please pick up what your dog leaves behind.”