Riverdancing Rachel jigs her way into record books

Rachel Story before the world recording breaking Riverdance. INNT 32-606con
Rachel Story before the world recording breaking Riverdance. INNT 32-606con

A young Carnmoney girl danced her way into the record books by taking part in the world’s longest-ever Riverdance.

Rachel Story travelled to Dublin last month to take part in the world’s longest ever Riverdance as part of The Gathering, a campaign organised to boost tourism across Ireland and encourage Irish emigrants to return home.

And the 10-year-old was one of 1,693 other dancers who helped smash the previous record of 692 people set in Texas.

Carnmoney Primary School girl Rachel, who is an Irish dancer with the Jordan Academy of Dance, was signed up for the Guinness World Record Challenge by her mother, Susan.

She said: “Rachel has been dancing for about two years and it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that I thought she would love.

“Before the world record attempt we received emails on the dance steps we needed to learn before travelling to Dublin and what to wear.”

To break the record all those taking part had to hold hands and dance for five minutes.

Susan continued: “The atmosphere was great, Rachel loved it, she had a fantastic time. And when we were taking part there were familar people runing along the line giving encouragement.

“It turned out it was Moya Doherty, the original produce of Riverdance and John McColgan the original director.

“For them to be there was incredible, but we got to meet them afterwards and were chatting to them, which was incredibly inspriational for Rachel to be a part of, it was wonderful.”

Following the dance, Rachel and her family went to see a matinee performace of the production.

Susan added: “I’m not sure if at the age of 10 it has quiet sunk in what she has done, but hopefully it will be something she will look back on with pride about taking part.

“Rachel is part of an incredible school of dance, her teachers were in the original Riverdance and performed professionally in so many other productions.

“They really inspire the kids to do their absolute best.”