Roads Service stumped by Ballyclare road problems

Alliance Councillor Pat McCudden
Alliance Councillor Pat McCudden

ROADS Service officials admitted the Ballyclare traffic problem had left them stumped.

The officials made the admission at Monday’s Planning and Consultation Committee meeting.

Following a presentation from the Roads Service on its programme of works for the coming year Councillor Pat McCudden asked the officials about a number of issues concerning traffic problems around the Ballyclare area.

He highlighted the constant traffic problem which had brought the town to a near virtual standstill every day.

He said: “I know there is the relief road plans for Reader’s Park which should ease the problem, but that is not likely to happen in my life time, or indeed the life times of those in the chamber.

“There are all sorts of rumours about plans for a road around Asda, or a road coming off the Ballynure Road.”

“But can I ask that the Roads Service again revisit this issue. We need some kind of solution to ease traffic around Ballyclare.

Bertie Ellison Roads Service divisional manager responded: “The relief road is very much dependent on the developers, but if anyone has any answers to the traffic problems around Ballyclare we would be very grateful to hear them, because we don’t know what to do.”

Councillor McCudden also highlighted problems around George Avenue during the morning and afternoon school rush which had left residents “trapped” in the nearby estate for an hour at a time.

He also asked for the Roads Service officials to survey the heavy traffic using the Ballycorr Road and raised a need for traffic calming measures in Straid village.

The Roads Service official pledged to examine the issues raised.