Royal Mail issues apology after snow halts deliveries

Tricky conditions underfoot: The scene on the Carnmoney Road, Glengormley last weekend. Pic by Brian McCalden
Tricky conditions underfoot: The scene on the Carnmoney Road, Glengormley last weekend. Pic by Brian McCalden

ROYAL Mail has apologised to customers in areas of Newtownabbey where postal deliveries have been on hold for a week due to the adverse weather conditions.

Householders in many areas have had no mail deliveries since the heavy snowfall last Friday (March 22).

One disgruntled Glengormley resident contacted the Times to complain that his postwoman was able to deliver ‘Special Delivery’ items over the past couple of days, but told customers that she couldn’t deliver any other mail.

“How come the bin men can still collect the bins and the guys from Bryson House can still collect the recycling despite the snow, yet Royal Mail can’t deliver the post? If they can deliver ‘Special Delivery’ items then surely they can deliver the rest of the mail,” he commented.

Another man who lives less than a mile from the main Royal Mail sorting office in Mallusk said that he hasn’t received any post since last Friday (March 22). And he claimed that many local householders and business owners have been “let down by Royal Mail”.

“I am very annoyed at being let down by Royal Mail in that no post has been delivered since the snow started last Friday.

“I have ascertained that a letter (cheque) from HMRC was posted earlier this week and more importantly, that a letter of offer for an interview that followed completion of a 16-page application was posted to me on March 23 (from Belfast) and remains undelivered too. Given the huge increase in the cost of postage this is clearly unacceptable,” he commented.

Speaking to the Times on Thursday (March 28), a spokesperson for Royal Mail said that workers were making deliveries “where it was safe to do so”, and revealed that deliveries of packages and ‘Special Delivery’ mail were being prioritised. She also confirmed that customers can arrange to collect their mail from the sorting office in Mallusk if they wish to do so.

Apologising to customers for the lack of deliveries, Barbara Roulston from Royal Mail said: “Conditions in some parts of Newtownabbey area remain extremely difficult. We apologise to customers who may not have had mail in the past few days because of the weather. Royal Mail is doing everything possible to keep the mail moving and all our people are out delivering in Newtownabbey where it is safe to do so. Where this is not possible customers can call Royal Mail on 028 9084 6273 and arrange to collect their mail.”

Royal Mail has confirmed that the Northern Ireland Mail Centre in Mallusk will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday, but that members of the public can collect post from the sorting office on Saturday (March 30) and Tuesday (April 2) as normal.