School embraces new technology

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Glengormley High School is taking a proactive approach to improving communication with parents by using an innovative technology.

Created by Contact Group, developers of home communication solutions, Call Parents is an automated notification system which allows school staff to send texts, automated phone calls and emails to inform parents regularly about their child’s progress and school activities.

Messages can be sent to let parents know when report cards have gone home, when parents’ evenings are taking place, to warn them about school closures, cancellations or delays to events and returning from a school trip.

Should parents not own a mobile phone, Call Parents translates the text into voice and delivers it to a landline.

Colin Millar, Vice Principal at Glengormley High said: “This technology has helped us to contact parents a lot more efficiently.

“Previously we had to call all the parents individually, now we simply press a button and Call Parents does the job for us.

“A text message is not only immediate, it is easy to read and less formal than a letter, so it allows us to engage with parents who are otherwise hard to reach.

“The technology reads live parent, governor and teacher contact information from the school’s management system and can send messages to the parents of pupils ordered by class, year or other groups.

“In addition, live pupil contact information can be used to send messages directly to students, which is especially useful for schools with sixth forms.

“It enables them to instantly communicate all important messages, not only concerning progress but also about attendance, school closures, outings, parents’ evenings, event cancellations and report cards.

Stephen Clarke, Managing Director of Contact Group, added: “Glengormley High is setting an excellent example for other schools in Northern Ireland by using the latest developments in technology to build greater collaborative relationships with parents.

“The technology relieves support staff from making all those calls and reassures schools that messages are reaching parents rather than getting left in the bottom of school bags.”

More information on the Call Parents technology is available by calling 0844 448 4422, emailing or by logging on to