‘School has good future despite debt level’

Nigel Arnold, principal of Glengormley Integrated Primary School.
Nigel Arnold, principal of Glengormley Integrated Primary School.

GLENGORMLEY Integrated Primary Principal Nigel Arnold said the school was continuing to grow and develop despite having one of the highest levels of debt among all of Northern Ireland’s primaries.

A national newspaper reported this week that almost every school in Northern Ireland had growing amounts of debt and Glengormley Primary’s £148,433 deficit was the highest among primaries in the Newtownabbey area and sixth highest of all primary schools.

The publication claimed the school had recorded a debt of over £120,000 for each of the last six years.

However, Principal Nigel Arnold said that while the level of debt may be one of the highest, the increasing pupil intake was encouraging for the school’s future.

He said: “I have to have a positive outlook. No other primary school is growing the way we are. By being the only truly integrated primary school in Newtownabbey, we offer parents something that no other school in the area can.

“When I joined the school five years ago our debt level was around £133,000 and we had 120 pupils.

“Currently our debt is about £17,000 more than that but our enrolment has almost doubled.”

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