Search is on for oil and gas deposits

A MAJOR geophysical survey is to be carried out across the borough later this year in the search for oil and gas deposits.

Tesla IMC, contracted by Petroleum Exploration Licence holders InfraStrata, will conduct the seismic survey across an area referred to as ‘the Larne - Lough Neagh Basin’.

Covering Lough Neagh in the west to Larne Lough in the east, and from Newtownabbey in the south as far north as Larne, the survey will involve 270 linear kilometres of data acquisition.

The geological investigation, which will be carried out by a convoy of slow moving vehicles covering around 4km per day, will provide a series of high resolution 2D profiles over the study area. The high-tech probe will use special sound wave technology to search for hydrocarbons - potential sources of oil and gas.

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