Secret agents swoop on Ballyhenry for Mission Rescue

Secret agents having fun at Mission Rescue. INNT 34-53-FP
Secret agents having fun at Mission Rescue. INNT 34-53-FP
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BALLYHENRY Presbyterian Church held its Holiday Bible Club between Monday, August 15 and Friday, August 19.

The club entitled ‘Mission Rescue, was open to children in the local community from Primary One to Primary Seven age and it proved to be a huge success.

Mission Rescue was based around stories of God, Moses and the Israelites from the book of Exodus 1-15, and it invited each individual child to explore what God’s rescue mission meant for them.

The programme was introduced and explored through a spy theme where the children participated as secret agents. The action-packed club had 40 volunteers from the church under the leadership of Stephen Fleck who was ‘Head of Security’ of the ‘Mission Rescue Agency’.

Throughout the week, 140 children were registered, with the majority of them attending every night. The evening began with registration, before a ‘spy workout’ - otherwise known as games!

The main programme began with everyone being welcomed, before Agents X and Y introduced the evening’s theme through a short sketch involving spy themes, such as going undercover, communication and rescue operations. These themes provided the foundation for the Bible stories surrounding God’s rescue of the Israelites from the King of Egypt.

Additionally, the children were taught songs and a variety of memory verses, known to the children as ‘Cracking the Code’; on Tuesday this was ‘For this God is our God for ever and ever’ (Psalm 48: 14a). After refreshments, the children enjoyed a crafts session relating to the story, before hearing a review from Agents X and Y, which then led on to a quiz.

A big motivating factor behind the Holiday Bible Club was engaging with the community and with local children - getting to know them and presenting the gospel to those who have never heard it.

The club was a project to encourage the church and the community to work together in an environment filled with fun and enthusiasm - from children and leaders alike.

The Mission Rescue programme was designed by Scripture Union, an organisation focusing the delivery of activities for children and young people and the week turned out to be an excellent opportunity to teach children from all backgrounds in an exciting and enjoyable environment.