SF man’s Down’s Syndrome plea

Sinn Féin candidate Oliver McMullan has said that the recent World Down Syndrome Day was “an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of people with Down’s make to our society”.

Mr McMullan said:“It should be used to recognise the right of people with Down’s to have equality and live a fulfilling life by maximising their potential.

“More and more people with Down’s are taking up employment and leading more and more normal lives, so it is worthwhile marking their contribution to our society.

“As a father of a child with Down’s Syndrome, I know the pride and joy she brings to our family and local community and it is great to see her participate in society in a greater way than previous generations of children with Down’s. It is therefore important that we continue to give people with Down Syndrome the equality that each of us deserves.”

and World Down Syndrome Day is the perfect vehicle in which to promote this.

“I would call on people to support the day by wearing a pair of brightly coloured socks or something with the official ‘Lots of Socks’ logo which can be a