Singing priest ensures radio listeners enjoy a divine experience

Father Eugene O'Hagan. INNT 52-206-AM
Father Eugene O'Hagan. INNT 52-206-AM

Father Eugene O’Hagan from classical music group ‘The Priests’ has embarked on a second series of his radio show ‘Sounds Divine’.

The Ballyclare-based priest will play music which inspires him, from a number of different genres, including classical and pop music. However, he admits that at times it is hard to find divine pop music.

The five-part weekly series returned to the airwaves on Sunday, August 2, and has received positive feedback from listeners since its return.

“I have received emails and tweets from as far away as Denmark and Chicago, from people saying how they have liked certain pieces of music and certain narratives,” Father O’Hagan said.

Putting the show together is very time consuming and the talented priest has had some late nights researching the music.

“I have found myself sitting listening to around 20 tunes for the show, and then realised that it is 1.30am and time for bed. There might be a tune that I like, but I’ll not be able to link it to the rest of the show. Once I have found the music that I wish to use for the show, it then takes a lot of time to join the music to the narrative. Like most things in life it takes time.”

Although it has taken a lot of time to prepare the shows and there have been a number of late nights, Father O’Hagan has enjoyed the experience, and he hopes that it has been appealing for the listeners.

“The search for music has fed my curiosity and my love of music. I hope that people find the music and the back stories interesting, uplifting, and entertaining.”

The weekly series has given Father O’Hagan a chance to share his take on music, and has strengthened his love for music and music making.

Father O’Hagan will be performing as part of the classical group ‘The Priests’ on a number of dates in the coming months.

The group will be performing in Galway as part of the Galway Cathedral Festival on Sunday, August 16. Performances in Liverpool and Dublin are planned for October, as well as a cross-community charity concert at All Saints Church in Ballymena on Friday, October 23.

A number of Christmas concerts are also planned, including shows in Belfast.

Sounds Divine airs on BBC Radio Ulster on Sunday afternoons just after 5pm.