Sinister graffiti warning to ‘paedo’

People in Ballyclare who fear that a paedophile may be living in their midst have been urged not to take the law into their own hands.

The plea was made by South Antrim MLA Paul Girvan after sinister graffiti saying ‘Peado Out’ (sic) appeared at several prominent locations around the town last week.

“There was the incident in the Grange estate when apparently a man exposed himself to a group of children and there’s also a rumour going around the town that a woman has been having sex with under age boys, some as young as 14 or 15. That’s why this graffiti has gone up,” one local resident told the Times.

Mr Girvan, a councillor and Policing and Community Safety Partnership member, said that he would be seeking an urgent meeting with the police to discuss the issue.

“It is wrong that this sort of graffiti has appeared around the town. This is not the way to deal with something like this. If anyone has concerns or information about this sort of thing it should be passed on to the appropriate authorities for them to deal with,” he said.

The PSNI were asked to comment but hadn’t responded at the time of going to print.