Special healing service for anxiety and depression at St Anne’s

Interdenominational Divine Healing Ministries are holding a special service for those impacted through anxiety or depression tonight, Monday, February 20, at 8pm in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast.

The guest speaker is Dr Stephen Rodgers of King’s Way Fellowship, Dunmurry and worship will be led by Caz Hamilton of Lisburn Fellowship Church.

There will be an opportunity to receive personal prayer and anointing with oil at this service.

Anxiety and depression are the most common disorders affecting one out of four people in the UK and Ireland. Depression knows no barriers to age, religion, or social background.

30 per cent of the telephone prayer requests received by Divine Healing Ministries are for those suffering with anxiety or depression.

Startling statistics show that one in five older persons living in the community will suffer with this figure rising to two out of five for those in care. Women are more likely to seek medical treatment than men and this is reflected in statistics showing the men are three times more likely to die by suicide following depression. Nine out of ten prisoners will undergo depression or anxiety and 20 per cent of our children will suffer too.

Whilst most people will seek medical treatment for anxiety or depression, this service will emphasise that great spiritual healing is also available. All are welcome take part in this special service at St Anne’s Cathedral on February 20.