‘Spend A8 millions on Carrick road’

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CAMPAIGNERS objecting to the A8 dual carriageway scheme have stepped-up their campaign to highlight the futility of the £113 million project and urged people to lodge objection letters before this Friday’s deadline.

UUP leader Tom Elliott visited those affected by the proposed Ballynure bypass section of the ambitious scheme, which campaigners say will only shave three minutes off travelling times, while physically dividing Ballynure.

During his visit 10-year-old Victoria Irwin handed Mr Elliott a letter outlining her objections to the project.

Her uncle, Nicholas Irwin, who represents landowners and residents losing parts of their land in the village said Mr Elliott’s visit was positive.

He said: “He stayed for over an hour which is much more than we expected and listened carefully to our concerns.”

Mr Irwin said the main issue with the scheme is where it tails off from the current road.

He went on: “There is no need for such a massive deviation from the current road.

“The proposals drawn up state the road will suffer congestion in the coming years, but the actual numbers using the road are dropping - especially now with the ferries stopping certain routes.

“People in Carrick are up in arms because the A2 project is being shelved.

“There is already congestion day and night and over 30,000 cars on that road - almost three times more than use the A8.

“We are getting a road we don’t need while the people of Carrick are not getting a road they are in desperate need of now.”

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