Stand up for Colin

Colin Geddis.
Colin Geddis.

UP AND coming Newtownabbey comedian Colin Geddis kicked off a new summer series of Magners Comedy Nights with a show at the Limelight in Belfast recently.

The 25-year-old from Monkstown has fast been making a name for himself on the local and international comedy scene.

Colin as Barry 'the Blender' Henderson with sidekick Thomas 'the Tanker' Smyth in the 'I am Fighter' series which brought the Newtownabbey man comedy acclaim worldwide. INNT 26-604con

Colin as Barry 'the Blender' Henderson with sidekick Thomas 'the Tanker' Smyth in the 'I am Fighter' series which brought the Newtownabbey man comedy acclaim worldwide. INNT 26-604con

Colin started his stand-up comedy career in 2010 and since then has become a regular headline act across Ireland, playing some of the biggest clubs in the country.

In the past year he has headlined three sell-out shows in Scotland at the Glasgow University Students’ Union and the St Patrick’s Day Festival in Edinburgh, where he has been invited back for a second year running.

“I love stand-up,” said Colin, “it gives you an incredible buzz - it is very, very addictive.”

Colin describes his comedy style as “observational pop culture”. His recent Magners’ set took the audience through his baby-sitting trials and tribulations, to afternoons in front of the box with Loose Women and an encounter with a stranger in Bundoran - all with a little kebab meat thrown in for good measure. It is definitely not for the faint-heated.

Colin continued: “When everything comes together you come off the stage feeling really good - it can be hard to get off the stage, you just want to stay on. After some nights it can be hard to wind down.”

Colin has already starred in ‘LOL’ a sketch comedy show on the BBC and is working on a number of projects for an independent production company which could hit television screens later this year.

But it was back in 2009 that he gained world-wide acclaim for his ‘I am Fighter’ series starring the iconic Barry ‘the Blender’ Henderson, played by Colin.

The ‘instructional’ cage fighting videos attracted almost five million hits on internet site YouTube and propelled Colin into Northern Irish legend status (see pic inset of Colin (left) as Barry ‘the Blender’ Henderson with sidekick Thomas ‘the Tanker’ Smyth in the ‘I am Fighter’ series).

Colin added: “It was just another video we made and I thought nothing of it at the time. It actually sat there for so long with no-one watching it and when it hit 1,000 views I near had a heart attack.

“It was mad - I never thought it would get so big - but in saying that there are videos of people’s cats that attract millions, so I never got carried away.”

He added: “I enjoy making the videos, writing and the stand-up, I think they all complement each other very well.

“The stand-up gives you a real good idea of what makes people laugh. You can write something down at home and think it’s funny, but you won’t know for sure until you try it in a room full of people and they actually laugh.”

Colin hosts a comedy night every month, the latest one of which was on Wednesday, June 27, in Lavery’s bar in Belfast - and it features some of the country’s brightest up-coming young comedians.

Colin added: “It seemed like there was only open mic nights, or big name comedians doing big gigs. There didn’t seem to be anything in the middle and I think these nights try to give young comedians the chance to develop their own styles. It is also good for me to try out new material and see what works - or dies.”

At the first Magners Comedy Night Colin was joined by two other young comedians, Mickey Bartlett and Sean Hegarty from Northern Ireland and award-winning London comic Tom Deacon.

“There is a good set of young comedians coming through. It is strange because we are all in our 20s and the audiences are around the same age,” said Colin.

“There is none of the old material that used to always fly around about the Troubles and all that because most people growing up now just don’t care.

“And with the likes of Magners getting involved in the local scene, it is a great time for us.”

Magners is planning a series of its ‘Comedy Core’ events throughout the year and further dates will be announced on its Facebook page later this year. For more information and for the latest news on Colin’s shows, follow him on Twitter or find him on Facebook.