‘Station closure would do nothing to instill confidence in effective policing’

MEMBERS of the Antrim Line Community Policing Forum have spoken out against plans which could result in the closure of Glengormley Police Station.

The Antrim Road barracks, which is only open to the public a few hours each week, is one of the 35 stations across Northern Ireland earmarked for possible closure by 2015 as part of the PSNI’s estate strategy - a set of proposals designed to help the service make significant savings.

With police officers in Glengormley regularly struggling to deal with rival gangs of anti-social youths and crowds of sectarian yobs, political and community representatives in the town have appealed for the local station to be retained.

Alderman John Blair, who chaired last week’s Forum meeting, commented: “No one is denying the figures quoted regarding required savings. It must be acknowledged, however, that the need to retain the community police team in Glengormley has never been greater as recent arrest figures and patterns of trouble prove. I will stress the importance of this when this reaches consultation and I will seek, through the District Policing Partnership, a meeting with the relevant Policing Board committee.”

Secretary of Glengormley Chamber of Commerce and Traders’ Association, Nigel Hamilton, said the closure of Glengormley Station would do nothing to instill confidence in effective policing.

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