Stay secure at home

POLICE in Glengormley have advised local householders to ensure their properties are secure against burglars.

The warning comes after officers received five reports of break-ins in the area over a three-day period between February 10 and 13.

In some of the incidents cars were taken using the householders’ keys, however there were no signs of forced entry to the properties and police believe the thieves may have entered through unlocked doors or windows.

According to the PSNI’s latest figures, the number of burglaries in the Newtownabbey area year-on-year to date is down 42 per cent, and police are keen to see that trend continue.

To protect against burglary, officers offer this simple advice:

• Ensure doors and windows are secure, even if you are in the home,

• Keep your valuables, including car keys, out of sight at all times. Do not leave items on hall tables or beside a window where a thief can see them,

• Keys should not be left hanging in the back of doors. Take them out and put them somewhere out of sight,

• Keep sheds and garages closed and locked and do not leave spare house keys in vehicles parked in a garage.

Police are urging householders to be vigilant, to look out for their neighbours and report any suspicious activity immediately.