Students score training session with Ulster players

Pupils from Tildarg Primary School came out on top in the recent Dale Farm Building Heroes competition, winning a training session with three Ulster Rugby players.

Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 3:45 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 3:50 pm
Pupils from Tildarg Primary won a training session with Ulster Rugby players Charles Piatau, Robbie Diack and Callum Black.

The lucky pupils had the chance to train with Charles Piutau, Robbie Diack and Callum Black.

Alice Hughes representing the P5/6 age group, submitted the successful entry detailing why her class deserved the visit.

Team work was the key theme of Alice’s entry. She explained that her class deserved the opportunity to win a training session with the Ulster Rugby players, because they “are a motivated group of kids who work together as a team.”

Alice and her classmates got to train with three Ulster players.

Alice wrote about her favourite player, Andrew Trimble, who she claims “makes rugby look easy!”

She concluded her entry to Dale Farm saying, “I think you should give us a ‘try’ and a chance to ‘convert’ some new skills into our sports lessons!”

“Being a small school, we know each other well and know our strengths and weaknesses to help each other be the best we can be, just like a team.

“Having a lesson with a quality rugby team will give us a chance to learn something new and we can use this team attitude in the classroom as well. Like a rugby team we have individual skills that all work together for a common goal.”

Alice and her classmates got to train with three Ulster players.

Tildarg Primary’s P5/P6 teacher Mrs Wright was delighted that her class were chosen as the competition winners. She was extremely proud of Alice and her class – and there are avid rugby fans amongst the teaching staff as well as the pupils.

There was great excitement at the school when the Ulster players arrived. Everyone in the school attended a question and answer session to hear the players face some challenging questions, before kicking off the training session with P5/6 which focused on passing and footwork.