Successful students at Hazelwood College

Pupils celebrating at Hazelwood.
Pupils celebrating at Hazelwood.

There was cause for celebration at Hazelwood Integrated College as 95 per cent of students obtained five or more GCSE grades A* - C.

A total of 70 per cent of Hazelwood pupils achieved seven or more GCSE grades A* - C.

Five sets of twins obtained their GCSEs at Hazelwood.

Five sets of twins obtained their GCSEs at Hazelwood.

A spokesperson for the school said: “These outstanding results show an increase from last year and are evidence of Hazelwood Integrated College’s excellent performance. The percentage of students achieving five or more GCSEs including English and maths remains consistently high.

“Today marks a new beginning for many students as they enter Post 16 status at Hazelwood Integrated

College. This amazing set of results is evidence of the hard work from the students, the ongoing support from the parents/guardians and the continued professionalism and dedication from our teachers.

“Success was achieved across all 30 subjects. Among the top achieving subjects were English, Science, History, Photography, Personal and Social Development, ICT and Health and Social Care many of which received 100 per cent pass rate.

“Amongst the top achieving students were Jane Broda, Eliza-Jane McGourty, Annie Doherty, Courtney Mackessy, Kamil Kokoszko, Victor James, Kacper Rydecki and Sean Colligan. There was double success in five households as we had five sets of twins successfully obtain their GCSEs this year.

“A special mention must go to Annie Doherty who joined Hazelwood Integrated College in 2016 and settled into the Hazelwood life very quickly and produced tremendous GCSE results.”

Principal, Kathleen O’Hare, congratulated the pupils on their hard work and well- deserved success, adding: “I share in the pride of so many parents and guardians as I congratulate our Year 12 pupils and their fantastic GCSE results. I would also like to commend the efforts of all of the pastoral staff, especially the Year Tutors, who have provided the individual care and attention that has enabled so many of our pupils to meet and, in many cases, exceed their personal targets.

“The breadth of opportunities now open to our pupils proves that hard work brings its own rewards and I wish them all the best.”

With this outstanding set of GCSE results Hazelwood Integrated College look forward to welcoming these pupils to Post 16 in order to build on this excellent foundation for A level studies.