Support project assists young men in Longlands

A YOUNG men’s support project aimed at “building resilience and coping skills” within the 16 to 25-year-old male population has catered for more than 220 young men over recent months.

Run by two experienced workers employed by the North Eastern Education and Library Board, with funding from the Public Health Agency, the service has so far worked with groups of young men in 14 different areas, including Longlands.

Youth worker Terry Hamill, who covers the Newtownabbey area, has set up a number of local projects which have produced solid evidence of positive outcomes for the young men involved.

“The evidence shows that the young men have greater confidence, higher self-esteem, a greater appreciation of their own personal goals and how to go about achieving them,” said Senior Youth Officer Ursula Meehan. “The youth workers have supported them to enable some to go back to education, training or employment. Some have got involved in the Board’s own Youth Service trainee leader courses and even an IFA referees’ course.

“The service is proving itself to be a very effective one to those young men and their communities. We are finding that the demand is increasing as awareness of the existence and quality of the service grows,” she added.

Confidential support services and advice can be accessed by calling Lifeline on 0808 808 8000. This is a free helpline service available 24/7. The Lifeline website address is

Youth worker Terry Hamill can be contacted by telephoning 028 9442 8003 or via email at