Third encounters in Aughnacloy

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ALIEN craft have been spotted in the nighttime sky above the Tyrone town of Aughnacloy, according to a local man.

Spooky lights travelling at incredible speeds have long been associated with otherworldly visitors from other galaxies but Aughnacloy man, Richard Moore, has claimed on a UK UFO website that he spotted the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) around 6.40pm on Tuesday, November 30.

He said, "I saw two UFOs in the night sky while outside in my backyard. They were small and not overly bright lights.

"One travelled across my line of vision at high speed from left to right as I looked up and then it disappeared.

"The other light was to my left and it was changing direction in the sky at high speed then I lost sight of it over buildings."

The sighting have heralded a new wave of interest in UFO spotting in the south of the county on the final frontier with Co. Monaghan.

It seems to be a case of 2010: A Space Odyssey as in the last eighteen months many such sightings of E.T. craft have been recorded across the skies of Tyrone.

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