A RATHCOOLE youth worker has called on the community to expose drug dealers who are preying on young people across the borough.

Phil Hamilton has warned that drug abuse in Newtownabbey will result in another tragedy if dealers are not put out of business and brought before the courts.

The community worker and PUP activist said he has referred five people to drug abuse support services since the Christmas period.

"The dogs on the street know who the drug dealers are," said Mr Hamilton. "They are scum, pure and simple.

"Young teenagers are lured into drugs and I fear there will be someone carried out of a local estate in a box because of the level of abuse."

Mr Hamilton's message comes just nine months after the death of Rathcoole teenager Lee Campbell. The 17-year-old took his own life after he became hooked on the so-called legal high mephedrone.

Mr Hamilton continued: "This isn't just in Rathcoole, it is right across the borough, drugs are freely available and can cost next to nothing - it's certainly cheaper than alcohol.

"The community needs to come together to rid us of this scum, before it's too late."

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