‘Toby is lucky to be alive’

Kathleen and Jim Williamson with their dog Toby.
Kathleen and Jim Williamson with their dog Toby.

A COUPLE whose pet dog was attacked by a Rottweiler during a terrifying incident in a Newtownabbey park last week have appealed to dog owners to be more responsible and keep their animals on a lead.

Jim and Kathleen Williamson from The Brambles, who took in tiny terrier Toby a few years ago after his owner died, contacted the Times to warn other pet owners about the dangers posed by dogs running loose in public parks.

Jim, a retired lorry driver, was out walking the six-year-old Jack Russell in Threemilewater Conservation Park on Wednesday (January 25) afternoon when the attack happened.

The 66-year-old explained how a woman aged in her 40s was walking a large Rottweiler dog near the car park on the Doagh Road when she let it off the lead to run around.

“She had it on the lead, but then she took it off and it ran back up the park and grabbed Toby. Luckily he was able to slip his head out of his collar and ran off and hid under a fella’s car,” Jim explained.

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