Call to make one of the country’s ‘most dangerous roads’ safe

The Collin Road. INNT 18-803CON
The Collin Road. INNT 18-803CON

A campaign has been launched to make a notorious road in Co Antrim safe following a number of recent road traffic collisions on the route.

A number of fatalities and serious collisions have occurred on the Collin Road, which runs between Ballyclare and Ballymena, prompting a local resident to set up an online petition in the hope of improving safety conditions on the road.

Susan Grace Bates has started an online petition to highlight some of the safety issues relating to the arterial route.

Calling for support on Change.Org, Susan said: “The Collin Road, between Ballyclare and Ballymena, has claimed too many lives. It is known as one of the most dangerous roads in Northern Ireland, yet it does not have so much as a speed camera. There are many bad bends, hidden dips and people drive at ridiculous speeds.

“Politicians have been told time after time something needs to be done to make the road safer, but the words of the people keep falling on stoney ground. Let us make them listen and help to save lives!”

Speaking to the Times, Susan explained why she has started the campaign. She said: “The people are fed up of asking time and time again, yet there still aren’t any speed cameras up which would be the first action.

“Another accident occurred last night and the road was blocked for about three hours. Thankfully I have not heard of any casualties this time. Hearing of the accident was the final straw for me and I had to do something. I don’t know if the petition will help, but I’m going to give it my best shot.”

There have been a number of recent incidents on the road.

Last month police issued an appeal after a driver failed to stop following a collision on the road on January 19 2017.

A section of the road between Ballymena and Tildarg was closed for several hours last night following a road traffic collision. The road has since reopened.

If you would like to sign the online petition, go to