Weather causing travel disruption for Newtownabbey road users

Traffic and travel.
Traffic and travel.

The stormy weather conditions across the region are impacting on the morning commute for Newtownabbey motorists.

A local resident contacted the Times to say there is a fallen tree on the Ballycraigy Road. The person said: “Fallen tree blocking Ballycraigy Road, Mallusk. Vans or lorries won’t be able to pass it. It is just about passable for cars.”

Urging drivers to travel carefully in the weather conditions, a PSNI spokesperson said: “Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. This includes lights, wipers and it’s also a very good time to check the tyres have enough tread. Balding tyres can severely reduce traction.

“Slow down and increase the distance between yourself and the vehicle in front. Stopping distances are around double in the wet, so increase that gap! Give yourself more time to stop and avoid heavy braking.

“Try and identify standing water and puddles on the road surface. Where you can, avoid it, and don’t drive through floods. The last thing you want to do is hydroplane. If it is safe and legal to do so, manoeuvre around it.

“Increase your visibility by turning on your lights. But please, do not use fog lights just because it is wet. You will only dazzle other road users and put them in danger.

“Ventilate your vehicle. This will increase visibility and prevent your windows from steaming up. If at all possible, postpone your journey and wait until the weather improves.”

A Department for Infrastructure spokesperson stated there is currently standing water on a section of the Shore Road in Newtownabbey.

Meanwhile, the weather has caused disruption to Metro bus services. A Translink spokesperson said: “There are lots of delays to Metro services this morning due to poor weather conditions. Please allow extra time for your journey.”