Translink reveals plans to extend Park and Ride site at Mossley West

Parked cars blocking the Metro bus route at The Glade, Mossley on Wednesday, February 3.
Parked cars blocking the Metro bus route at The Glade, Mossley on Wednesday, February 3.

Plans are being drawn up for a possible extension to the Park and Ride facility at Mossley West rail halt.

The move to increase the number of car parking spaces at the busy site was revealed by Translink after Metro bus services in the area had to be re-routed last Wednesday morning (February 3) due to parked cars blocking The Glade.

Cars parked along the bus route close to Mossley West rail halt caused significant disruption to 1D services for several hours.

Responding to calls from angry residents and political representatives for something to be done about on-street parking problems in the vicinity of the Park and Ride, a spokesperson from Translink said: “We work closely with the Department for Regional Development and TransportNI to identify and review suitable sites for Park and Ride facilities across Northern Ireland.

“A design team has been appointed to develop options to extend the Park and Ride site at Mossley West.

“The extension of Park and Ride facilities at Mossley West would be subject to suitable land becoming available, as well as planning approval and the availability of funding.

“We are not aware of previous incidents where The Glade was obstructed to the point where Metro buses were unable access the road.”

The spokesperson added: “We will continue to monitor the situation and will work with the local community and relevant authorities to explore options for more considerate parking if necessary.”

Following last week’s traffic disruption, it has also been announced that the Minister for Regional Development will be addressing the issue.

Michelle McIlveen will be meeting with local representatives to discuss the ongoing traffic problem.

A spokeswoman from the Department for Regional Development said: “The DRD Minister has agreed to meet with local representatives to discuss their concerns in relation to The Glade.”

It is understood that a date for the meeting is still to be finalised.

DUP councillor Stephen Ross has welcomed the announcement that the minister will be meeting with him and other local representatives.

He said: “This situation has caused a lot of hassle for the local residents. It has been ongoing for some time and more parking is needed.

“I welcome the news of the minister’s upcoming meeting. South Antirm DUP MLA Pam Cameron and myself have been asking for this for sometime.

“I will also be highlighting the issue of the lack of gritting on The Glade with the minister. This problem also stops buses entering the estate.”

Commenting on the issue, Mrs Cameron said: “I am aware that the Department of Regional Development are working towards finding a larger car parking facility in the area.”

The DUP representative added: “I hope that a solution can be found soon for the residents of The Glade and the greater Mossley area and I will continue to push towards this on their behalf.”

A concerned resident from Mossley, who was caught up in the disruption last week, contacted the Times.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “The council need to sort out some double yellow lines in The Glade to stop cars parking along the bus route.

“With so many parked cars, I’ve seen cars scraping up the side of parked cars and driving on.

“I have also witnessed a lot of near head-on collisions.

“I’m glad the whole bus incident happened now, as hopefully something will be done about this.”

The resident explained how, with not being able to use the Metro service, she had to fork out on an expensive taxi journey as well as an extra bus ticket.

She added: “I wasn’t too happy at the time as I’d to spend £12 on a taxi to work and then get my day ticket for the two buses home. I couldn’t be doing that all the time.”