Tree goes tweet

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A TREE in Throne Wood has started tweeting by joining the social network site Twitter.

The horse chestnut, in the Whitewell forest park, has opened its own account - @HorseChestnut1 - which began in April.

In its first tweet to its followers, it said: “Hi I am Horse Chestnut and I live in Throne Wood, north Belfast. I am around 130 years old and I want to share my beautiful home with you!”

It has been set up to keep local people informed about the conservation activities in Throne Wood, organised to ensure it will be preserved for future generations.

A recent public meeting to rally local support for Throne Wood, which is a piece of native woodland at the foot of Cave Hill, saw a number of people volunteer to start up a group called ‘Friends of Throne Wood’.

As a result a number of woodland activities have been organised with Groundwork NI and on Saturday, June 23 volunteers will perform a clean-up of the area’s choked waterways.

Anyone interested should meet at the main entrance to the wood on the Antrim Road, just opposite Thronemount, at 10.30am.

For information contact Madeleine Kelly from Groundwork NI on 9074 9494 or email

Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging’ social network where users send text based messages to their followers. In recent years it has grown in popularity attracting millions of users worldwide.

You can follow all the latest tweets from the tree by logging on to and searching for ‘@HorseChestnut1’.

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