Trees down across region

A tree has fallen on Bridge Road in Burnside.
A tree has fallen on Bridge Road in Burnside.

High winds have caused trees to fall at a number of locations across the borough this afternoon.

The Times understands that trees have fallen in the Bridge Road and Moyra Road areas of Burnside, while another tree has fallen on the Green Road in Ballyclare.

Commenting on the stormy weather, UUP representative, Cllr David Arthurs said: “I would urge motorists and pedestrians to remain vigilant and to stay safe. The roads could get quite treacherous later this evening with strong winds and heavy rain forecast.

“If you are travelling home from work, my advice is to get home and stay home unless it is totally necessary to leave the house I wouldn’t advise it.

“Parents who have gardens with kids play furniture such as trampolines and swings should secure it or take it down just to avoid damage to persons or property.”

Urging people to only travel if necessary, PUP representative, Scott McDowell said: “I would ask that people only travel if it is really necessary. We don’t want anyone taking unnecessary risks.”

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