Truck paints a picture of epic journey for Ballyclare pupils

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Ballyclare Primary School pupils enjoyed having the opportunity to admire a truck depicting images of the ill-fated HMS Titanic and those involved in its historic construction.

The truck is owned by local haulage company Maxwell Freight Services and was painted by Darryl Maxwell, a famous motorcycle artist.

The mobile artwork has received many “Truckfest” awards where up to 1,500 other trucks are judged on their look, condition and originality.

Before being put straight to work to transport goods all over the UK, the truck was allowed to stop in at the school to give pupils of all ages time to enjoy its ornate decoration.

The paintings display the famous story of the Titanic whilst showing details of the construction and maiden voyage across the Atlantic, displaying the ship’s captain John Smith, and builder Thomas Andrews.

On the front it is labelled with the famous words “Built in Belfast”. Pupils noticed that even the number plate is Titanic-themed, reading T100 HWB, celebrating 100 years and Harland and Wolff Belfast.

This was a magnificent thing to see and the pupils found the truck very interesting.

Younger classes, who study transport, loved seeing the large vehicle and hearing the story behind the pictures.

Its visit tied in well to Primary Seven’s Titanic topic work and it sparked in all a desire to learn more about the Titanic story in class.