Veteran Councillor DeCourcy re-elected

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Veteran DUP man Billy DeCourcy, who topped the poll with 844 first preferences, said: “I am delighted and I would like to thank all the people who voted for me.

“I appreciate their faith in me after all these years.

“I think this is about the fourth time I’ve topped the poll in Macedon.”

The 81-year-old says that he is looking forward to the challenge of serving on the new super council.

He stated: “Hopefully I’ll be able to bring a bit of experience to it.

“I still intend to keep working hard for the people of Rathcoole because that’s my area and I’ve lived there for 50 years.

“But I hope that anyone who needs help can trust me and come to me and I will try to help them in any way I can.”