Video: Glengormley girl’s generous gift to charity

A young woman from Glengormley has made a generous donation to a children’s charity which makes wigs for cancer sufferers.

Jenny Stark, the manager of Merville Pharmacy Plus, got 22 inches of her hair cut off last Tuesday, August 25 - all for a very worthy cause.

Jenny Stark before getting her hair cut. INNT 37-801CON

Jenny Stark before getting her hair cut. INNT 37-801CON

The young pharmacist made the decision to donate her hair to a charity after her last haircut in January 2013.

“I had approximately one foot taken off it in January 2013, and as I saw the amount of hair gathering on the floor, I thought that it was a shame that such an amount of perfectly good hair was going to be binned. So I looked into real-hair wig charities,” Jenny explained.

After doing some research, she decided to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust. The charity makes wigs for boys and girls who have lost their hair as a result of cancer treatment.

After choosing the charity, Jenny made the decision to grow her hair long again.

Jenny after getting her hair cut. INNT 36-800CON

Jenny after getting her hair cut. INNT 36-800CON

“I made a conscious decision that I would grow my hair super long again, and this time I would get it cut in such a way that I could donate it,” she said.

Jenny predicted that it would take her around two years to get her hair back to the length it had been before. However, Jenny was asked to be a bridesmaid at two weddings this year, and so her prediction of two years was added to.

“I was asked to be bridesmaid twice this year, so I decided not to make a drastic change just before the weddings. The last wedding was at the end of July, so when that had passed I applied for my fundraising pack,” Jenny added.

The Little Princess Trust provide the wigs for free, but the wigs cost hundreds of pounds to produce. The cost of the wigs is collected through fundraising and sponsorship.

“Many people post out hair without enough money to cover the cost of a wig, so my aim was to overcompensate and raise £1,000,” Jenny continued.

It did not take long for her target to be met.

“24 hours after the cut, I had already reached that target so I want to set my sights higher and raise much more than that - the sky’s the limit,” Jenny said.

Before she got her hair cut, Jenny’s hair was 31 inches in length. It is now 9 inches long. Although it is a massive difference, she is already getting used to her new style.

“I am loving my new hair cut. I am getting used to it quickly as the response to it has been so positive. I have a lovely new style and it’s all in the name of charity,” she added.

To make a donation to Jenny’s fundraising webpage, log on to The page will remain active until September 25, after which time all the money and hair will be sent off to the Little Princess Trust.

There is also a collection box in Merville Pharmacy, and all donations are gratefully received.

Jenny wishes to thank James Wallace who cut and styled her hair for free, as well as making a generous donation to the charity. She would also like to thank the residents of Merville Garden Village, and her customers and patients who have been really supportive.