Who makes the final call if your child's school needs to close due to snow?

Getting out in the snow
Getting out in the snow

Parents are waiting with baited breath to see if schools around Northern Ireland are set to close later this week after the host of weather warnings issues.

But who makes the final call?

According to the Department of Education the decision is left to the school Principal.

But a checklist is offered when considering exceptional closure.

"The following should be considered in coming to any decision to close for exceptional reasons:

"Health and safety questions, including can pupils and staff access the school building safely?

Snowy conditions

Snowy conditions

"Can pupils and staff be evacuated in an emergency?

"In an emergency, could the Emergency Services access the school?

"Is the area designated for disembarkation from transport safe for pupils?

"Transport – Can buses, meal deliveries, etc., reach the school, particularly if the unforeseen circumstances affect a large proportion of pupils?

Driving in the snow

Driving in the snow

"If a limited number of staff and pupils can attend, is the Pupil:Teacher Ratio (PTR) acceptable?

"Have local weather forecasts and road conditions, including those for areas from which staff will be travelling, been considered?

"If a decision is made to close - Schools should have in place an agreed plan on communication, not only to advise parents and staff, and keep them informed, but also to advise the EA, the Department of Education, and the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) if appropriate."