Widower claims council treatment is ‘unfair’

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CLAIMS have been made that the council is treating some families with loved ones buried in Carnmoney Cemetery unfairly.

Davy Rea placed a bench beside his wife’s grave which council officials have now removed on two occasions.

Davy’s wife Anne died in 2008 after a long battle against breast cancer. She was only 44 years old.

Davy claims the council’s decision to remove his bench is “unfair”.

He said: “I have put the bench in so I could sit and spend time with my wife.

“But the council say it’s not allowed and keep on removing it.

“I have heard the excuses about legal issues, but it seems to me the council have only taken an issue with me and a few others.

“There are benches put in by people around the graveyard that the council has not removed - just mine and a few others.

“There are people who spend hours at a time, day after day and they have nowhere to sit.

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