Wind energy co-operative is to proceed

NORTHERN Ireland’s first community-owned wind energy co-operative has been given the green light following a successful public share offer which raised £1.6 million - enough to build two 250kW wind turbines.

The funds have been raised by Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative since its launch in June when it first offered local people, businesses and organisations the chance to invest between £250 and £20,000 in the scheme.

Thanks to the success of the public share offer in raising the minimum funds required for the project to proceed, Drumlin is now extending the investment deadline until November 30 in order to give more local people a chance to get involved and to raise enough capital to build three or more turbines.

Drumlin has already secured planning permission for wind turbines at sites in Ballyclare, Larne, Pomeroy and Kells.

Drumlin director, Greenisland businessman David Morrow said: “We have been delighted with the interest in this unique investment opportunity which offers a new and progressive model for doing business, one where local people reap the benefits and the profits stay within the local community.

“Whilst this is a new concept for Northern Ireland, similar schemes in the UK and across Europe have been hugely successful.”

Full details of the share offer can be found online at