Woman praised after sea rescue at Hazelbank

Samantha Logan. INNT 39-804CON
Samantha Logan. INNT 39-804CON
  • Dog saved after becoming trapped in rocks
  • ’I could feel her heart pounding so hard it was as if it would burst through her chest’
  • Kind-hearted Samantha waded into waters of Belfast Lough

A kind-hearted Greenisland woman has described how she rescued a dog which was stranded in the sea at Hazelbank Park.

Samantha Logan was cycling at the local beauty spot recently when she noticed a group of people on the pathway who looked concerned.

As she slowed down to see what was happening, a man explained that a small dog was trapped on rocks and was unable to swim due to the incoming tide and a strong current.

She said: “I looked over the wall and noticed the tiny terrier trapped on the rocks and the rapidly rising tide. She had nowhere to go. I realised by the time I would’ve went and got help, it would’ve been too late.

“I found an opening in the wall leading into the sea. I took off my shoes and socks, rolled my trousers up and left all my belongings with a kind man who looked after them for me.”

Samantha, who works as a cleaner contracted by Noonans for Ulster University, explained: “I waded into the sea. I was a little frightened when the water began rising above waist deep and the current was quite strong, however, adrenaline took over and the feeling of fear I felt was nothing compared to what the little pup was feeling. Once I’d her in my arms, I could feel her heart pounding so hard it was as if it would burst through her chest.”

She added: “To see people concerned for the dog was heartwarming. The look in the owner’s eyes when I reached her dog over the wall to her obliterated any discomfort I might’ve felt cycling home wet. What started as an average day turned into somewhat of an adventure, gratefully one with a happy ending. To all involved I want to say thank you.”

The man who alerted Samantha to the situation said he wanted to praise her for “showing guts” to rescue the dog.